All the projects listed here are developed under Apache License Version 2.0

Java utilities (development paused)

Set of utilities in java.

  • Tree data structures:
    • trie (under testing)
    • a-star (memory based) (under testing)
    • octree + basic intersection shapes (planned)
  • Search algorithms:
    • a-star (normal and parallel version) (under testing)
    • genetic algorithm (normal and parallel version) (planned)
    • multi-objective genetic algorithm (normal and parallel version) (planned)
    • artificial immune system (planned)
  • Learning algorithms:
    • neural networks with backpropagation (planned)
    • recurrent neural networks with backpropagation through time (planned)

We strongly suggest you not to use the library in a production project, only for testing or play with it. You can add it to your gradle project:

dependencies {
            compile 'com.livae:java-util:0.1'

Android loading helper (v1.2.7) (no longer maintained)

Helper classes to perform pull to refresh and endless scrolling in a recycler view.

Demo GIF

Add it to your android project in the build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.livae:android-loadingHelper:1.2.7'

Shell scripts

Shell script that transforms a svg file in png resource files for an android project. It uses inkscape as a tool to export to png. [INPUT] [PROJECT_DIR] [OUTPUT_NAME] [SIZE_DP]

Shell script that converts a video to a gif file using ffmpeg and convert commands. [INPUT] [HEIGHT] [START] [LENGTH]

C/C++ evolutionary library (no longer maintained)

Some evolutionary algorithms written in C++:

  • Genetic Algorithm (GA)
  • Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA)
  • Artificial Immune System (AIS)
  • Feed forward Neural Networks with Backpropagation Learning (NN BP)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks with Backpropagation Through Time learning method (rNN BPTT)